Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC Marketing That Drives Qualified Leads

Pay Per Click Campaigns optimized to drive purchase ready customers and qualified clients to your business.

Campaign Management

A data-driven process that integrates ties together expertise with automation for maximum conversions at the lowest cost per click.

PPC Ad Creative

Effectively designed lead generation forms to permit only the most important elements before presenting the call to action.

Targeted Landing Pages

Funnels that move subscribers through the customer journey with segmentation to hone in on your target audience.

Our PPC Marketing Process

While every client is different, the framework remains the same. We follow a systematic process that creates compounding results in every PPC marketing campaign created. Here’s a sneak peek.


Create a comprehensive list of keyword candidates segmented into groups based on cost, volume, searcher persona, and search intent metrics.


Create a plan of action based on keyword groupings, geographic regions, and those which provide the highest return on investment for the client.


Prepare a curated group of final concepts for the visuals, messaging, and landing pages, all of which qualify as strong candidates for your PPC campaign.


Put your final concepts against each other in a round of split testing to determine the words that matter most and the imagery that resonates with viewers.


Turn on the engines, letting your PPC campaign do the heavy lifting until we have enough campaign data to optimize performance further.


Optimize your cost per lead, thus lowering your customer acquisition cost by retargeting landing page visitors through social media and paid ad platforms.

Why Make Us Your PPC Marketing Agency?

Trust in expertise is everything when hiring an agency. Here’s ours:

Decades of experience as business owners

We’re more than marketers; we’ve walked in your shoes as a business owner.

Extensive training in campaign automation

We’re prepared for it all; We’ve worked on large-scope projects.

Experts in creative and ad copy

We’re practitioners of our craft: We’ve spent six figures on our own campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Campaign costs differ based on the keyword’s search volume, the keyword, the competitiveness of the keyword, and the number of keywords you target. Our management fees will depend on the project’s scope and the other digital marketing services we assist you with.

When you work with our PPC agency, we work diligently to identify the most opportunistic keywords to help you manage the total cost and provide full pricing transparency so that you understand how much each keyword is costing you.

With our services, you have access to various forms of search marketing. With Google, we can assist you with paid advertising platforms such as Google Shopping, Google Adwords, Google Display and Google local services. Additionally, we will run your keywords as a Bing ad or Yahoo ad when there is a benefit to having other display ads.

There is always tension between going with paid media and search engine optimization. However, what is most important is first determining the target keywords you want to rank for. Based on the total number of keywords and their competitive difficulty, you will understand how much each click will cost you through paid search and an approximate account of how long it will take to rank on page one organically.

In a perfect world, you would run paid ads in addition to SEO services. In this scenario, you will be visible to your potential customer in more than one location. However, in most cases, you will begin with one as you prepare for the other. Contact our team for a free strategy call, and we will help personalize this answer for your business.

Each month you will receive a google analytics report where you can see each keyword’s performance. Additionally, you will receive a detailed report of the ad campaign in terms of cost and clicks. Our pay per click marketing services are fully transparent, empowering you to understand the investment you are making and calculating its return on investment.

Our PPC services can work for every industry, but in nearly every business, there will be keywords where the cost outweighs the benefits. There are various paid search opportunities for the major players and small businesses. The key is understanding your ad spend and using it for the most impactful search terms.