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We partner with Pasadena businesses to drive leads, prospects, and customers to their businesses through search engine optimization.

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We're Local

We are local SEO experts, having owned brick n mortar businesses in and around Moorpark.

Complete Solution

We manage all aspects of SEO, from website development to content creation for our clients.

SEO Specialization

Our experience stems from working with national brands where SEO is their primary marketing method.


Houston SEO Company was the best strategic decision our young company has made to help us get some google search recognition. We went from unknown to being at the top of the google search for our segment. Jason not only provided us with the search engine optimization for our business, but also crafted a good plan moving forward and helped us understand the process to have a clear path to success. We will look to continue working with Jason for SEO and content marketing strategies for our business.

Christiano Fernandes

How We Help Pasadena, TX Businesses

National Searches

Optimize your website to visitors who will be visiting for the short-term.

Local Searches

Capture the local market when potential customers are searching businesses.

Right-Now Searches

Local targeting to capture people in real-time when they need a product or service.

Technical SEO

Developing a framework while checks and balances to ensure all aspects of technical SEO are in place.

Content Marketing

Optimized workflow for publishing content that builds topical authority and ranks in organic search.

Link Building

Multi-faceted link building approach signaling to search engines that you are trustworthy website to rank.

Our Search Engine Optimization Process

While every client is different, the framework remains the same. We follow a systematic process that creates compounding results in every email marketing campaign created. Here’s a sneak peek.


More than keyword research, we dive deep into the search engines and your target market for insights opportunities to grow your online presence.


Look extensively at your existing website for any necessary corrections and identify how the search engines currently see your website.


Weigh each of the opportunities to create a strategy that aligns with the direction of your company and has the most significant profit potential.


Create momentum by executing your SEO campaign effectively, where each action builds upon the next for compounding search engine results.


Monitor and report on your search engine campaign to ensure we drive toward our KPIs and accelerate toward your company goals.


Continuously optimize your campaign based on our learnings and understandings from the history of our SEO marketing efforts.

Why Make Us Your Pasadena, TX SEO Agency?

Trust in expertise is everything when hiring an agency. Here’s ours:

Decades of experience as business owners

We’re more than marketers; we’ve walked in your shoes as a business owner.

Extensive training in campaign automation

We’re prepared for it all; We’ve worked on large-scope projects.

Experts in copywriting and conversions

We’re practitioners of our craft: Our focus is on outcomes, not awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing for our Pasadena SEO service varies based on the extent of the project. Factors such as the complexity of your industry in Houston TX, the geographical scope, the variety of products or services targeted, and the level of technical SEO required will influence the cost. Contact our Pasadena SEO company for a transparent pricing structure and to discuss your specific SEO strategy.

SEO Houston pros understand that SEO is a long-term strategy, but we aim to deliver early successes to our clients in Pasadena within the first few months. Ongoing optimization of our clients’ websites leads to noticeable improvements in search results within 3-6 months, laying the groundwork for sustained success after the first year.

Our Pasadena SEO service differs from other SEO Houston providers due to our profound knowledge of the Pasadena area, where we’ve gained a unique perspective from living and working within the community. 

Whether you’re focusing on local or national reach with Pasadena as your base, our Pasadena SEO company can tailor our services to meet your needs. 

We customize our approach for each client, pinpointing the most effective keywords and strategies for your business, and providing continuous support in SEO and business strategy to ensure your success.

Absolutely, as a leading Pasadena SEO company, we’ve partnered with numerous businesses in Pasadena, Houston, TX, and across the nation. We’re more than willing to share references and case studies to showcase our past work in SEO strategy and digital marketing services upon request.

Our Pasadena SEO service provides clients with a dashboard that monitors keyword positions, web traffic, and other crucial indicators in search results. We tailor each report to the individual client, offering clarity and insight into their SEO journey. 

These reports are crafted using tools like Google Analytics 4.0 and Google Search Console, along with our specialized SEO instruments, ensuring a comprehensive overview of your digital marketing strategy.

Not at all, if you’re without a website, our Pasadena SEO company’s role extends beyond SEO to include web design and web development. We’ll create a site for you that seamlessly integrates with our Pasadena SEO service strategies.

Any Pasadena-based business capable of growth beyond its founder can reap the rewards of SEO. During our initial strategy call, we openly discuss how SEO can benefit your specific venture.

Here’s a glimpse at some sectors we excel in and that thrive in Pasadena:

SaaS SEO: With a wealth of experience in aiding SaaS firms with their SEO and content marketing efforts, our team has collaborated closely with leading SaaS entities, both pre and post-funding.

Travel SEO: Maintaining a strong online presence is paramount for success in the travel industry. Our Pasadena SEO experts develop specialized strategies to ensure your business stands out in search results.

Ecommerce SEO: Our agency’s roots trace back to a prosperous ecommerce venture that harnessed the power of SEO for content marketing.

Local SEO: Having run brick-and-mortar businesses ourselves, we’re well-versed in the challenges small businesses face. Our team is here to bolster your local business’s market share through targeted Pasadena SEO strategies.

Our local SEO services for Pasadena businesses are delivered with the same dedication and meticulousness as our enterprise-level offerings. Local SEO demands a distinct strategy but remains strategically focused.

Our offerings for Pasadena’s local businesses include:

  • Google Business Profile (formally google my business)
  • Yelp Business Profile
  • Instagram Business Profile
  • Directory Listings
  • Maps Listings
  • Local Link Building
  • Reputation Management

While we usually bundle our SEO content marketing services, we’re also flexible in providing standalone services to assist Pasadena businesses with in-house teams.

Our content marketing process encompasses:

  • Content strategy
  • Content Briefs
  • Content Writing
  • Content Editing
  • Content Optimization
  • Content Revision

The art of link building requires a nuanced approach. Before choosing an SEO agency in Pasadena, it’s crucial to understand their link-building methodology. Our strategy is comprehensive and adheres to Google’s guidelines for natural backlinking.

Our link-building tactics include:

  • Guest posting
  • Editorial quotes
  • Podcast guest appearances
  • Brand mentions
  • Industry networking
  • Local directories

As a part of our SEO service, you get a link-building specialist who builds links through strategic and effective outreach practices.

Absolutely, as a comprehensive digital marketing agency, our expertise extends beyond SEO to include services like website design and development, email marketing, social media marketing campaigns, and pay-per-click advertising. 

Our offerings include local citation building, review management, and content marketing, all bundled within our packages.

Indeed, while we’re a local business serving the Pasadena area, our extensive SEO knowledge and experience allow us to collaborate with numerous businesses across the country.

Pasadena’s proximity to major urban and industrial hubs makes it distinctive. Our local SEO approach aims to elevate your company’s visibility across the region and ensure prime placement in your Google Business Profile for searches conducted near your business.

Certainly, we specialize in enhancing your rankings within specific neighborhoods by adhering to SEO geo-targeting principles, employing local keywords, and devising strategies to elevate your presence in all local listings.

Pasadena’s diverse economic landscape presents unique challenges for organic marketing. However, these challenges turn into opportunities with our expertise, as we navigate through less competitive waters. 

Our seasoned team is well-equipped to advise on optimizing your website and local listings for the Pasadena market.

As your dedicated SEO agency, we’re constantly in tune with the industry’s pulse. Serving clients in highly competitive sectors, we ensure we’re up-to-date with the latest SEO strategies, techniques, tools, and best practices.

Grasping the language of your potential customers is crucial for SEO effectiveness. We focus on optimizing keywords relevant to the local Pasadena community and visitors alike, conducting thorough research to pinpoint the most suitable keywords for your business.

SEO has the power to propel businesses in Pasadena, particularly small enterprises, to the forefront of search engine results, ensuring prime visibility and top rankings. The suitability of industries for SEO hinges on factors such as the level of competition, the frequency of searches, and the potential for profit.

In Pasadena, we serve a wide range of sectors:

  • Fitness: We help personal trainers, gym owners, fitness centers, and clubs in Pasadena attract more members and clients by optimizing their websites with fitness-focused keywords and local SEO strategies.
  • Water Damage Restoration: For businesses specializing in water damage restoration in Pasadena, we use SEO to enhance their visibility during emergencies, ensuring that potential customers can quickly find their services.
  • Manufacturing and Industrial: We tailor our SEO services to assist manufacturing and industrial companies in Pasadena in boosting their online presence, attracting the right audience, and generating leads for increased sales and revenue.
  • Financial Services: Our SEO efforts support financial service providers and specialists in Pasadena in building trust, improving online visibility, and attracting clients in need of financial advice or services.
  • Dental: Dental practices in Pasadena can benefit from our dental SEO marketing services to stand out in a crowded market, attract more patients, and enhance their online presence.
  • Law Firms: By leveraging SEO, law firms in Pasadena can increase their online visibility, attract individuals seeking legal services, and position themselves as leaders in their industry.